Anteris is a young industrial gas company, managed by highly experienced managers and engineers, who used to lead one of the two industrial gas companies in the Israeli market.

The company is representing several international producers and bring the best cost efficient solutions to the Israeli market.

Anteris is bringing solutions by leading professionals in Israel and from abroad, while focusing on high safety standards and striving for sustainable world.

our offering

anteris is offering the market large range of gases, in liquid and compressed form.  anteris also suggest professional support for design, usage and safety aspects.  In parallel, anteris is selling various type of equipment related to the industrial gas field, including cryogenic tanks, Isotanks, cylinders, gas panels etc.

The company operates from two sites, used for filling stations and distribution.


Aviv Samorai

Founder & CEO

An experienced COO of industrial companies with strong operational and commercial skills.

Alon Tavor

Founder & Chairman

An experienced CEO of industrial companies with strong techno-economical skills.


Tel: +972-545951959

Tel; +972-546276344

POB 469

Omer    8496500


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